Ruby And Diamond Rings

Ruby And Diamond Rings

Precious Ruby And Diamond Rings

What Do Ruby And Diamond Rings Have In Common?

Ruby And Diamond Rings: The 1949 hit movie, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” brought us one priceless gem: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” If that’s true then rubies are a woman’s best friend, symbolizing maturity to make a life-long commitment of marriage.

Any proper lady recognizes the intrinsic value of July’s birthstone. As the perfect gemstone, it implies equal parts devotion and passion. Both of those are the keys to a happy marriage.

The rare red gem is dazzling and romantic, especially as a choice for an engagement ring. Many pair the ruby with diamonds in ruby and diamond rings. Maybe that is why so many marry the ruby and diamond rings to mark an engagement. Ruby is a physical representation of the celebration of marriage, from the romantic to the sensual and are a constant reminder of its presence on the index finger.

Qualities Of Ruby

Beyond its heartfelt qualities, ruby beholds properties from excellent durability to a hardness of 9.0. From a practical perspective, the reason that some stones are more popular as an incorporation on an engagement ring than others is durability and hardness. A gem that scratches easily or breaks readily is not favorable for an engagement design. This is what makes ruby and diamond rings such a popular combination. Ruby’s specific gravity is 4.00 and the refractive index is 1.762 – 1.770.

The coloration on many gemstones is fascinating, particularly when one mineral has many variations on the spectrum. It could be said that the ruby has this variation in it too. It turns out it is a sister gem of the sapphire, as they both come from Corundum, a mineral. There is one other less common color of Corundum, which is pink-orange. Technically, ruby is a type of red corundum, whose crystalline aluminum oxide contains titanium, iron, and chromium. Just like the diamond, it is impurities that make it so valuable. Though, for the ruby, the impurity impacts the color of the ruby.

There is another similarity of ruby and diamond rings. They are both very valuable, rare, and strong enough to be worn for a lifetime without being destroyed. Ruby is the second hardest gemstone after, you guessed it, the diamond. The two stones are both so much alike that when evaluating the stones for ruby and diamond rings gemologists use the four Cs — Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity.

Interestingly, where the ruby is concerned, color is the focal point for the four C’s evaluation of the fine gemstone. They are rare and even the least desirable of the stones sell for $1,000/carat. The price sky rockets for where a ruby excels in all four C’s.

Prete-A-Porter Or Custom Designs?

The big question for most is if they are going to pay a premium for the ruby and diamond engagement ring, or should they go with a ready-to-wear off-the-shelf or a custom design? The main pros include that the off-the-shelf ring will retain the value it has. In other words, mistakes could be made to the gemstone when it is cut and setting that actually reduce the gem’s value.

Many make the ruby a centerpiece surrounded by diamonds, rubies, or other semi-precious gems. It is tempting to include the biggest ruby a person can find. The problem is that quality may suffer for making that decision. Avoid the temptation and choose quality — especially in color — when using rubies.

Some couples design their own rings as a symbol of their love. Though, often this happens with the wedding bands. People enjoy playing with different precious metals, use a fleck of diamond or ruby, and inscriptions. While it is also possible to design a ruby engagement ring, make sure it suits the style of the couple, that the proportions will be accurate, and that it will look good, and make love grow. It would be an expensive mistake that the couple is stuck with for a lifetime if it is not well executed. Of course, be sure to leave it to the right professional jeweler to make the ring come alive.

The Value Of The Jeweler

The jeweler is an integral part of getting the most out of rubies and diamonds in an engagement ring. To make a finer and more personalized statement custom design, choose a high-end jeweler who has the reputation to execute it well.

The keys to finding an excellent jeweler mean taking a close look at the settings and the band they use to secure the gems into place. Precious metal is appropriate for precious gems. A jeweler is wise and creative. In response, they will generally create a variety of patterns to catch the eyes and hearts of different people.

Buyers Need To Know

Re-read about ruby and the four C’s, the precious metals and designs as well. The idea is to know enough not to be taken for a ride. Just because someone is selling a ruby and charging a lot does not mean it is necessarily worth the price tag. Instead, have an appraisal to determine a fair price.

While it is possible to get personally designed ruby rings, they are available pre-made in stores. It is a great way to ensure the quality is maintained. In this manner, trying out different styles, cuts and styles is possible. Pre-made in some manners is a more reliable choice. For the kind of money it costs to purchase ruby rings, this takes the fear factor out of the investment for many people. Consider going with a well-known jewelry store that allows a tryout period, where you can always make an exchange.

Is Buying Online Possible?

It sure is tempting to buy an engagement ring online. It comes down to the challenge of not being able to verify the quality of the stone, how it is set, or even the value of the precious metal. Jewelers can tell customers horror stories of customers who bought a gold ring to find out it was not real. They were out a lot of money.

While the savings may appear significant, buying online is a huge risk. There are some legitimate sellers who have been profiled in the media, but they may be the rarity. If a valuable jeweler’s wares are online, then there may be savings to be found. Just be careful. The piece should be accompanied by the certificate attesting to the stone’s four C’s. But, again, take the warning seriously about not being mislead.

Ruby makes a beautiful ring. It dazzles and is bright. The pairing of precious metal to the individual ruby stones is important.

Color, Color, Color

In real estate, the motto is location, location, location. When evaluating rubies, it is all about color, color, color. The value of a ruby is influenced 50% by color, color, color. Color and transparency, that is. It cannot be cloudy or else it will detract the eye, impact the sparkle, and the value.

Ruby has a spectrum of color variation from orange to purple, but all need to have great color. Again, it is about color.

If color is so integral to the cost of a ruby, then cut is not far behind. After all, the cut is what enhances the color. This is where an expert jeweler is important. The cut is what brings out different effects from the gem’s color. For instance, a shallow cut will produce a bright and light look, while depth in a cut creates a deep and rich hue.

The carat of a ruby comes down to the size, weight, where the gem is 200mg. This is where the diamond and the ruby differ. Carat is not the main point with evaluating a ruby, but it is the main aspect of a diamond’s value.


Facets are an impactful but complex manner to refract the light off the stone from many sides simultaneously. It’s brilliant and eye catching, as long as it is well executed. Otherwise, it falls short and may ruin the stone. The facet table is a grand flat space where onlookers get a peek inside the stone. It requires a beautiful stone that is cut to perfection to do the stone justice.

The various parts of the faceted cut include a crown, or the top, the crown, the middle (girdle) and the pavilion (the draw down), while the bottom point is a culet. A big look into the stone may come when there is an overemphasized table There are different cuts, from the step cut to the emerald cut to the round brilliant and the mixed cut.

Clarity And Treatment

The clarity is one way that the ruby relies on its natural beauty within the evaluation process. It is the time when impurities can come into the center stage. Impurities may further increase the value of the ruby.

There are ways to treat rubies to make it more transparent while enhancing the color. The heat brings the color out more brilliantly. The natural stones are also available. Depending on how the stones are treated — with or without chemicals — will determine whether it will cost a lot more or not.

The Fascinating Cuts

Cut nods to evenness and symmetry, but it leaves room for the ruby to take on other shapes. As cabochons took the center stage in the past few years for everyone from costume and fashion jewelry lovers, it has stayed solid in the fine jewelry department too. It is pretty, but a soft look, as it has a dome shape rising up off the flat-cut bottom. It could be round, though cabachon are commonly oval as well.

Recall earlier the mention of concern about investing and committing to a ring cut by the jeweler who sets it. Well, honestly buying loose rubies that are in a variety of shapes is the real way to make a ring come together. People who are going to “design their own” need to know this about gemstones.

Some of the most popular cuts for an engagement ring include the princess cut, cushion, pear, and heart-shaped (of course.) Look for square, ascher, marquise, and triangular, navette.

Precious Metal

Whenever diamonds and rubies are in store, the precious metals such as yellow, white, or rose gold, and palladium are popular. Though, really going for the gold is commonly preferred and will always be valuable. The gold has to be only 14k or 18k, so it will hold up to daily wear and tear. Silver and palladium are other options because it pairs so well against a ruby’s color.

Now, rubies are high maintenance, well a little bit. For rubies set in white gold must be re-plated from time to time. If you can go without your ring while it is re-plated every other year with rhodium, then you are a candidate for white gold. Now, that’s not exactly the high-maintenance part of it. The rhodium plating might hurt the ruby in a way that reduces its value.

The complexities of buying an engagement ring run the gamut, from its natural coloration and imperfections to the way it is cut and set. Try out many different ruby and diamond rings with different types and shapes of cuts and complementing stones to find the right one. Or, design a ring that suits the individual’s tastes. Just be sure to have a great jeweler.

Again, just remember that it is all about the color where a ruby is concerned. Never give in to the temptation to veer off course to get a big ruby that is of low quality. The best and most valuable rubies are red and have high transparency. You may want to avoid white gold because it has to be re-plated and may harm the value by weakening and cracking the ruby.

Everyone has their own favorite ruby. Make sure to buy the ruby that is in the budget and sparkles to the eyes. Check out a lot of the cuts to get a feel for what might work best. Ruby is a beautiful stone that pairs well with diamonds.

Ruby And Diamond Rings